Risk Management Guidebook for US State Departments of Transportation

U.S. highway agencies are working to comply with the risk management provisions of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, MAP-21.
JRA is pleased to be part of the Proctor & Associates team to:
• Prepare a guide to define risk management, translate the ISO standards into U.S. transportation agency application and quickly provide U.S. agencies a basic tool to begin managing risk across their enterprises;
• Provide case studies from U.S. and international public and private sector examples of enterprise risk management, and;
• The risk register will provide agencies with the essential tool for illustrating their risks and how they are addressing them.
Taken as a package, the basic guide, the case studies and risk register could provide the foundational tools in late 2014 for U.S. transportation agencies to begin implementing enterprise risk management. July 2014

AssetVision Datashare

Asset Management Plans are only as good as the supporting data. JRA is a team of asset managers with over 20 year experience in infrastructure asset management.
This website gives asset managers free access to a sample of the JRA knowledge base so you can compare your useful lives and unit costs with international practice.
JRA’s panel of professional Engineers provide commentary for trends for your selection such as impact of emerging technology and practice. July 2014

NAMSPLUS training

JRA in partnership with IPWEA has developed a Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning 8 online modules delivered over 10 wks using new Cahoot platform.
See more at: NAMS.PLUS