Company Profile


Jeff Roorda established Jeff Roorda and Associates in 1993, principally to specialise in asset management planning for government infrastructure.

Infrastructure Assets are a vital element of community prosperity and wellbeing. Roads, Rail, Airports and Shipping Terminals provide transport services. Stormwater systems protect properties and roads from flooding and control water runoff quality. Park and landscape assets provide recreation services and enhance and protect the built and natural environment. Water and Wastewater Systems are necessary to maintain public health in increasingly urbanised societies. Energy and Communications Networks ensure business can function in global markets and are increasingly perceived as essential for urban living.

In the past limitations of technology and knowledge made systemic asset maintenance and planning difficult for the complex networks found in large urban societies. This is no longer true. Developments in asset maintenance techniques and systems mean that there is now no excuse for lack of proper planning and management. Leadership by Government and Business is essential to ensure our facilities are fit for purpose, are wise investments of community wealth and are operated at optimum levels of performance.